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Download's Allergy Alert for Android
We are proud to offer Allergy Alert™ App, a free application you can download from the Android Marketplace for your Android phone or device!
With the latest app redesign we have added five days of weather and allergy forecasts, allergy diary and more features:
  • Check multiple locations instantly with the swipe of a finger
  • Side by side 5 day up-to-date weather & allergy forecasts
  • The only app to provide in-depth information about top allergens with detailed plant descriptions and images
  • Dynamic screen background changes depending on allergy season: Tree, Grass or Ragweed
  • Allergy diary to let you keep track of your symptoms and how you're feeling
  • All the diary data can be later retrieved and printed as a chart or a calendar on My
If you have downloaded Allergy Alert™ App and are having problems, please go to the's Allergy Alert Application Support page.
Allergy Alert Android App - Location Detect Screen On start of Allergy Alert, the application is retrieving data for your locations. This will take only a few seconds. If it's your first time using Allergy Alert you will see a message asking to allow the application to access your current location.
Allergy Alert Android App - 5 Day Allergy and Weather Forecast Screen After your location is determined you will see the default screen, the 5-day allergy and weather forecasts. The top part of the screen shows today's conditions, followed by top pollen allergens detected for your location. The bottom part is your allergy and weather forecast for the next four days. With a quick look you can determine allergy and weather conditions for today and the next couple of days.

Moreover Allergy Alert allows you to check allergy and weather conditions for multiple locations. Swipe left or right to switch between locations. See next section on how to add multiple areas.

The background of this screen changes depending on type of allergy season present for each location: from Tree to Grass to Ragweed.
Allergy Alert Android App - Allergens Screen Click on any of the predominant pollens on the forecast screen to get more information about a specific allergen. Allergen Info screen provides you with complete details on each of the top pollen allergens. Complete with allergy severity and pollination information this screen will help you identify and learn more about different allergens present in your area.
Allergy Alert Android App - Add Location Screen Click the action overflow button (top right of the screen) to add another location or refresh your allergy forecast. When Add Location button is clicked a new screen appears where you can search for any continental US locations either by a ZIP code or a city name.
Allergy Alert Android App - Allergy Diary Screen As of the latest app version we have added an allergy diary to let you track your allergies. Simply check how you feel today (or felt yesterday), tap symptoms so you can later discuss this with your phycian and you're done. All of your diary entries can be graphed versus an allergy index later on My
Note: to use the allergy diary a account is required.
If you have downloaded's Allergy Alert application and are having problems, please click here to go to the's Allergy Alert Application Support.