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Frequently Asked Questions About Pollen Forecasting And Sampling for Allergy Alerts

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What makes and Allergy Alert "the pollen people"?

IMS Health Incorporated, the company behind and Allergy Alert, helps to set the standards by which scientists and doctors operate their samplers, and by which they analyze their pollen samples to obtain accurate and consistent counts.

IMS Health has published more than twenty peer-reviewed papers in allergy and palynology journals, comparing how pollen counts are reported, studying differences in how and where they are obtained, instructing readers how to correctly analyze their samples using mathematical formulas, seeking trends throughout the U.S. in data sets of ragweed pollination, and synthesizing broad collections of published material into tables and charts that make it easier to locate information on pollen reporting.

IMS Health manufactures the Rotorod¨ Sampler, the most popular piece of equipment for obtaining pollen counts for decades. We instruct users how to properly obtain the best samples, and we provide customer service to hundreds of sampling locations.

IMS Health also runs an aeroallergen identification course to instruct medical and environmental professionals on how to analyze pollen samples. This one- to two-day seminar stresses the importance of learning the anatomy of pollen grains and fungal spores in order to accomplish accurate identification in "pollen and spore counts," both indoors and outdoors. Instructors in the course include premiere experts in the fields of paleoecology and plant pathology.

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