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Download's Allergy Alert for iPhone and iPod is proud to introduce Allergy Alert integration with Ford's SYNC system with AppLink in this latest version of the app (version 4.0). In an effort to reduce driver distraction, SYNC with AppLink allows Ford owners to connect their iPhone apps to their Fordís dashboards and radios, eliminating the need to look away from the road. For more information on Ford SYNC, please check out Fordís site.

In a vehicle with AppLink, the following screens show how to link your iPhone with your SYNC with AppLink system. This information is also available within the Allergy Alert itself under the SYNC tab in the menu. If you have any questions or experience problems with Allergy Alert using the SYNC system, please visit our Support page here.'s Allergy Alert iPhone Location Detect Screen Shot By clicking on the Ford SYNC button on Allergy Alert app you get a main menu with all the information you need to know how to connect the app.'s Allergy Alert iPhone 1 Day Alert Screen Shot For the Allergy Alert App to work with Ford SYNC you need to pair your phone with SYNC system using bluetooth.
  1. Activate Bluetooth on your device
  2. Press the Phone Menu option in the SYNC system In your vehicle.
  3. After SYNC finds your device click OK twice to connect SYNC and your phone.
  4. Enter the PIN provided by SYNC into your phone and press the PAIR button.'s Allergy Alert iPhone 1 Day Alert Screen Shot Your device must be connected to your vehicle's USB port to use Allergy Alert with SYNC AppLink.Then follow these steps:
  1. Start Allergy Alert on your phone.
  2. Press the Phone Menu option In the SYNC system in your vehicle.
  3. Use the Tuner knob and find Mobile Applications option - Press OK.
  4. Allergy Alert will be displayed when found - Press OK twice to sync with the application.'s Allergy Alert iPhone 1 Day Alert Screen Shot Your radio presets control Allergy Alert when connected using the SYNC system.
#1 : Current location.
#2 : Allergy report.
#3 : Predominant pollen report.
#4 : Asthma report.
#5 : Flu report.
#6 : UV report.
#7 : Use your default zip code In Settings.
#8 : Use Zip Pref 2 In Settings.
#9 : Use Zip Pref 3 In Settings.'s Allergy Alert iPhone 1 Day Alert Screen Shot After pressing PTT (Push To Talk), these voice commands are available:
"Location": Update your location to get the most accurate Information.
"Pollen": Predominant pollen report.
"Allergy": Allergy report.
"Asthma", "Flu", or "UV": Specified report.
"Zip 1": Use default ZIP ode In Settings.
"Zip 2": Use ZIP Pref 2 In Settings.
"Zip 3": Use ZIP Pref 3 In Settings.
"Help": List of available commands.'s Allergy Alert iPhone 1 Day Alert Screen Shot In addition to the Presets and Voice commands, you can use these buttons to Interact with Allergy Alert:
Seek Left - Hold : Allergy report.
Seek Left - Quick : Previous report.
Seek Right - Hold: Update location.
Seek Right - Quick : Next report.
Tuner Left : Previous report.
Tuner Right : Next report.'s Allergy Alert iPhone 1 Day Alert Screen Shot You can store up to three (3) ZIP Codes for Allergy Alert In the Settings panel of your device.
The first ZIP Code will be used as the default location when not using GPS. The second and third ZIP Codes can be accessed when using Allergy Alert through Ford SYNC with AppLink. Speak "Zip 2" or "Zip 3", or press the radio preset buttons #8 or #9 to use these ZIP Codes.
If you have downloaded's Allergy Alert application and are having problems, please click here to go to the's Allergy Alert Application Support.