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Find Out More About:
Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis) or other respiratory allergies.
Asthma which can be triggered by allergies or weather (check your Weather Forecast!).
Your Reaction to Allergens - the symptoms we call allergies.
Treatment Options for Hay Fever.
Other Helpful Information:
The following links take you to Web sites outside of which also contain useful allergy information. These sites will open in a new window.
Visit to find out what kind of pollen is causing asthma and allergy in your area now.

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Here is a simple way to get a timely Pollen Count whenever you want, without ever having to leave Twitter!

  • Logon to your Twitter account
  • Starting following Pollencom on Twitter. You only need to do this once. After a minute or two, Pollencom will start following you back, meaning you'll be able to Direct Message.
  • Send a Direct Message to Pollencom that contains the Zip Code you are interested in. The easy way to do this is to simply tweet like this:
    d pollencom 19462
  • You'll get a Direct Message back shortly, with the current Pollen Count for your zip. It's that easy!

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