Allergy Alert Emails

With advanced warning, you can prepare for the day ahead and take the necessary precautions to manage your allergies. Sign up for an Allergy Report today, it could help your tomorrow be allergy free.

Not sure if you have allergies? Symptoms can include itchy watery eyes, runny nose, itchy throat, hives, fatigue, and irritability. Still unsure? Call your doctor for a skin test to identify your specific allergies. Pollen may be affecting your health.

What Time of the Year Should I Sign up for Allergy Alerts?

Today. Even though spring is usually called “allergy season”, it is not the only time of the year people experience pollen allergies. Many plants pollinate year round. Your location will play a huge role in the pollen count. Pollen alerts will help you determine when pollen affects your specific location.

When will I Receive my Allergy Reports? will send you allergy reports when allergy conditions reach moderate levels. This is the point that most allergy suffers start experiencing symptoms, such as hay fever. Our allergy reports include a two-day forecast for your local area and arrive in your inbox early in the morning. Manage your allergies better and don’t get caught off-guard by hay fever. Sign up today for your allergy report.

How do I sign up for Allergy Alerts?

Click here to sign up for allergy alerts. We’ll need your email address and the zip code of your location to send your personalized pollen report. The rest of the information is optional, but we would love for you to fill that out as well. Our goal is to improve allergy sufferers’ quality of life by providing accurate information about pollen. The more informed you are…the more power you have to combat allergies.

Be prepared and Sign up today for allergy reports.

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