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Pollen.com understands today’s fast paced lifestyle. Staying aware of your allergies (or your family’s allergies) is important to your quality of life and it is important to Pollen.com to bring you the latest tools. The Pollen.com team developed a series of solutions for you and your family to get your allergy information as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Allergy Plus Mobile App

Pollen.com is proud to offer Allergy Plus, a free application you can download for the iPhone and Android devices! This friendly application provides pollen allergy index levels along with weather forecasts and allergy diary. With a simple touch of the screen, you can plan your day or think about your whole week with the five day forecasts!

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Pollen.com’s National Allergy Map

Search, browse and select cities on our interactive map to see local allergy and pollen forecasts. Where are pollen counts high today?

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Pollen.com’s My Pollen Diary

Become a member of MyPollen and take advantage of the new allergy tools Pollen.com built for you the "Allergy Sufferer".

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Millions of Americans suffer from pollen allergies — if you have a Web site that would benefit from the Pollen.com local alerts and allergy forecast, you can offer them relief!

Pollen.com’s Allergy Alert Widget

Place the Allergy Alert™ forecast on your web site — for FREE — and provide pollen allergy levels, with the most current data served up by our Pollen.com servers! The Allergy Alert™ provides a link to extended allergy forecast and weather forecast!

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