Health Tip: If There's a Wildfire Nearby

(HealthDay News) -- Smoke from a nearby wildfire threatens anyone, but poses even more of a threat to people with asthma, COPD, heart disease or diabetes, the American Lung Association says.

The group suggests what to do if a wildfire burns near you:

  • Stay inside, if possible.
  • Do not rely on a dust mask to keep your lungs safe. Most dust masks allow fine particles to filter through. More advanced masks include a filter, but it may not be 100 percent effective.
  • Protect your children, whose lungs are still developing and are more at risk for long-term damage.
  • Keep windows up while driving.
  • Put home air conditioning on recirculate to keep outside air from coming in.
  • Do not exercise outside.
  • Be ready to evacuate if given an order.

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