Health Tip: Using a Nasal Spray for Allergies

(HealthDay News) -- A nasal spray can help many allergy sufferers find relief from symptoms, but it's important that the spray be used correctly.

The American Academy of Family Physicians mentions these suggestions when using a nasal spray:

  • It may take as long as two weeks before you notice the spray's full effect.
  • At least once per week, wash the canister that delivers the spray.
  • Before you spray, sniff air into each nostril to allow the medication to go deep inside the nose.
  • Aim the spray straight toward the back of your head.
  • If used correctly, the spray shouldn't leak from your nose or down your throat.
  • Stop using the spray for a few days if you have a nosebleed or feel pain in the nose.
  • Use the medication as directed by your doctor, and store it out of direct sunlight.
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