Allergy Plus

We are excited to offer Allergy Plus by, a free app you can download for iPhone and Android devices!
Allergy Plus is designed to improve how you understand and manage your allergies. Based on, an industry leading allergy forecasting website for the last 20 years, Allergy Plus provides location-specific, real time allergy information at your fingertips.
  • Get the latest allergy, air quality and weather forecasts across multiple locations
  • Receive notifications on forecasted allergy level changes in as many locations as you need
  • See a 5-day allergy and weather forecast side by side
  • Share forecasts easily to your friends and family
  • Review in-depth information on impactful allergens in your area
  • Completely synced with for the most accurate and up-to-date allergy information available
  • Understand what's causing your allergies with pollen diary
  • Latest health news and articles
  • Find nearest allergist and make an appointment
  • Now available on Apple Watch!

If you have downloaded's Allergy Plus application and are having problems, please go to the's Allergy Plus Application Support page.

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