The Most Breathable Pollen Mask for Allergy Season to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Checking out the pollen count to decide whether or not to stay inside? People who suffer from allergy often choose to go out less during allergy season to prevent discomfort. From allergy medication, to glasses, to allergy-proofing homes, many have tried it all, especially if they want to head outside to run errands or exercise. In the current global climate, some may have even noticed that masks have helped to alleviate symptoms by actually preventing pollen from entering airways/preventing the inhalation of pollen.

It makes sense. Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction to the pollen produced by plants and carried around by the wind.

Why are breathable, filtering pollen masks a good alternative solution?

Up to 30% of people are affected by allergies in a given year, and for many, prevention is a viable non-medical alternative solution for easing pollen allergy symptoms. Dr. David Lang, an allergist at Cleveland clinic advised patients who enjoy prolonged outdoor activities to wear a face mask. Filtering pollen masks in particular are effective in filtering out particulates so that they are not inhaled. Key aspects of these masks include:

  • They have replaceable or washable filters to ensure pollen doesn’t remain in the mask to cause irritation.
  • If it is washable, the mask should maintain integrity after each wash.
  • Pollen particles are usually anywhere between 10 and 100μm (microns), so it’s important that the mask can filter particles even smaller than that.
  • An important consideration of any pollen mask, though, is that it is also breathable, or else how can it be worn for a prolonged period of time? Breathability in a face mask not only allows for comfortable all day wear, but consistent protection from pollen so there is no need to hide inside.

    What do allergy organizations have to say about it?

    One brand that stands out for its breathability and comfort is NAROO, who makes a series of pollen masks supported by reputable allergy organizations such as Allergy UK, the leading national patient charity in the United Kingdom. Specifically, NAROO endeavors to raise awareness about how mask-wearing can be a solution for allergy to air-borne allergens, especially for those looking for breathable masks for an active lifestyle. Allergy UK has awarded the filtering masks the Allergy Friendly Product Award. These masks are breathable, reusable, washable, and filter particles as small as 1.7μm.

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