( lat. Morella )

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Myricales
Family: Myricaceae
Genus: Morella

Plant Allergy Overview



Pollen Season






Allergy Information

When abundant wind borne pollen is shed, Bayberry is named a prevalent inhalant allergen in Tampa, and many people are sensitive to the scent.

Genus Details

Bayberry used to be in the genus Myrica. These are evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees native to North America. The berries yield a wax which is used to scent candles and perfume. Bayberries have purple fruits. They can grow on dry, sterile soils and can withstand pruning or shearing.

Pollen Description

Genus Distribution

The shaded areas on the map indicates where the genus has been observed in the United States.

- Native, observed in a county 
- Introduced, observed in a county 
- Rarely observed

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